Emrys Berwick grew up in rural Massachusetts the son of an English artisan. The skills of traditional European finishing work were passed down to him at an early age while working in the family business. Emrys mastered the trade working on new builds and historical restorations throughout New England. In 2008, he moved to New York City to build his own business. Since then he has built lasting professional relationships with colleagues and clients, cultivating a company with a reputation for stellar finishing work and service.

Geordie Edel grew up in a series of old Connecticut farmhouses that his mother and father restored and updated. This was their pleasure, often their passion, but not their careers. Geordie learned that craftsmanship was a value that balanced hard work and imagination. The older he became the greater this ideal became a motivation for acquiring greater skills.  Everywhere that architecture and architectural finishes were passionately considered, life seemed proportionately enhanced. In 2013 Geordie was lucky enough to start a company with an equally hardworking friend and dedicated craftsman.